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Malaysia's newest exciting Data Plan Bundles. Life is a Data Plan which provides users a lifestyle experience with a sim card. Life have super options for you to choose from to best suit your needs. Video, Gaming, Streaming? Don't worry about Data. No matter what you choose we've got you covered. Surf with ease!Affordable Unlimited Mobile Connectivity with access to exclusive partner apps. Soon, Life is all you need. Click here for Life.


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Zebra Studios is a variety of studios located in Malaysia specialising in Sound, Production and Showcase. Covering from Podcast, Feature Film Sets, Mini Concert Hall and many more. Our studios are all designer concepts making it comfortable and instgrammable! Zebra Studios promise you style and convenience. Click here to find out more.



Play is a Telco-Media service offering mobile and IPTV set-top-box entertainment applications. Users would be able to enjoy unlimited content ranging from Asia to International at anywhere and anytime!
Both mobile and tv-box entertainment applications are embedded with video streaming, live channels, karaoke, video game and social media sharing entertainment features. How are we different you ask? Well.. our contents are free. Here's the only catch, all you have to do is subscribe to our broadband service and you get access to all the contents and we even give you a free Play Smart Box to enjoy all the entertainment features to the fullest! Click here to Play



London Film Academy is now internationally recognised as an innovative film school that offers more than just an education in film. We produce world-class filmmakers who thrive in an environment that emulates real world realities. We are a school that is dedicated to creating the best of the best while adopting a hands-on approach and ensuring we always keep to our ethos of creating a collaborative, friendly and inclusive learning environment at the core of everything we do. Our multi-disciplinary approach emulates the hard-working realities within all facets of the film and television industries and allows you to develop into an informed and responsible filmmaker, honing your craft in small groups, within a collaborative, nurturing environment. 



Asian Film Commissions Network (AFCNet) is a network of film commissions and professional film support agencies in Asia and AFCNet has become Asia’s largest non-profit international film-related organization with 51 members from 18 countries(as of April 2020). As international co-production and overseas location shooting became popular, AFCNet was launched to facilitate information sharing in regards to filming locations, regulations, incentives and clearance requirements in Asia and to support member organizations’ efficient interactions with foreign production companies and/or related industry-supporting agencies. AFCNet aims to promote the steady growth of regional filming through improved systems and infrastructure.


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